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Return & Refund policy

In cases of wrong product & damaged shipment, full refund & replacement is provided. AEspares customer support shall guide you to get an exchange. Wrong product only means when a supplied product is not as per the description on AEspares.

In case, a customer has bought a part that is not needed anymore, whenever explicitly stated in the product description, some products might be eligible for exchange/return. In such cases, temporary exchange credits may be provided by AEspares for replacement orders. A nominal restocking fee of 10% will apply to all product returns/exchanges and return the customer pays transit cost. Returns are approved at the sole discretion of AEspares.

To apply for a return, please drop an email to


Products Guarantee, Return, cancellation, and exchange policy can be revoked in exceptional cases at the sole discretion of AEspares including but not limited to experimental purchases, rare parts, slow-moving items for discontinued vehicles, high-value products, fraud attempts, unable to take delivery, etc.  For product returns in some instances, AEspares may levy additional charges to recover shipping costs and restocking fees. AEspares reserves all rights to block/cancel certain transactions on without prior information. Parts purchased for resale and vehicles sold in markets other than India are not covered under buyer’s protection.

Price Change Events

Prices are quoted as per MRP decided by brands. However, many times, price changes are known only at the time of shipment. If the MRP label is lower than what you have paid, AEspares automatically refunds the amount. Whenever AEspares receives a product at higher prices than what has been quoted price change of up to $5 initially is absorbed by AEspares; however, if the price change is taller, the customer is notified of the price change and required to pay the difference amount.  A full refund of the already paid amount is always available as an option in case increased price makes it unviable for you to purchase products in such cases.


Manufacturer’s warranty covering manufacturing defect is available on products. AEspares provides warranty assistance for filing claims of manufacturing defects in a product.  Warranty does not apply to performance, longevity, or reliability of products. Electronic/ Electric products like sensors etc. may be covered under warranty only when the defect is reported at time arrival/the first fitment. Warranties are at the sole discretion of the respective manufacturer, and AEspares doesn’t influence a brand’s decision.

Please feel free to get in touch with support team email at